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Break the vicious circle, and reconnect

Relationship is one of the most beautiful and yet one of the most difficult things in life. We manage it somehow, but very few can MASTER it. How would it be for you if it was easier for you? If it was more fulfilling? More satisfying? Healthier? 


In my research and professional experience, I have seen time and time again that the root cause of many relationship problems is found in unconscious early childhood experiences. Often, one partner pushes the other partner's buttons. And when both partners are triggered and react, a vicious circle often arises in which things get hotter and hotter. A vicious circle in which one partner usually shuts down and the other tries ever more aggressively to restore the lost connection. This downward spiral must be broken.


And it IS possible. Probably counter to what you're thinking. Well, it is possible. It 'only' needs one person that comes back to being grounded and centered quickly enough. One person that comes back into a relaxed, open-hearted state. Then this one person will be able to co-regulate the other person. The withdrawn partner notices when the aggressive partner is open and relaxed again and vice versa. That brings the security back into the field that the other needs to open up again. Whether you're the one that shuts down when you feel your partners neediness, or you are the one that suffers when your partner shuts down and won't let you in anymore, call me today and get the help you deserve!  

The following symptoms may be a sign that professional help would be a good investment:


  • It has become very quiet in your relationship or marriage.

  • Although there are two of you, you feel lonely.

  • It is difficult to talk to each other.

  • Your topics and discussions go round in circles.

  • There are frequent arguments and disharmony.

  • Reconciliation does not happen or rarely happens.

  • You want more intimacy and closeness than your partner allows or vice versa.

  • You want more sex than your partner allows.

  • Or you want less physical contact and closeness than your partner demands.

  • Your partner is emotionally and physically unavailable or rarely available.

  • You feel restricted by your partner.

  • When you feel your partner's neediness, you close down inside.

  • You think about separation or avoid your partner frequently.


​If you recognise two or more of these symptoms as your own, professional help will not only be helpful but will clearly pay off. 


And here's my offer: You only pay for the first session if you are fully satisfied. If not, you don't pay a cent. Click the button now to make an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you. soon.

Verliebtes Pärchen

"As women shut down their needs, they also shut down their sense of pleasure."  


Mit der Nutzung dieses Angebots erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, eine temporäre Zugehörigkeit zum Staatsverein KRD einzugehen. Es entstehen dadurch keine weiteren Rechte oder Pflichten. Danke, dass du da bist und dich für Wachstum und Transformation interessierst.   


Warum KRD? Du findest die Antwort hier

RLT Paartherapie

RLT stands for Relational Life Therapy, developed by Terry Real. RLT considers both the problem areas of your relationship behaviour and problems in connection with the family of origin. Both is needed for lasting change.

Inner Man
Inner Woman

Every woman has an inner man (animus), and every man has an inner woman (anima) inside him. This process helps to let go of harmful patterns and thus helps to achieve more freedom and love in your relationship. 

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching will support your inner awakening. It is a process that can help you reconnect with your essential qualities of trust, inner strength, love and compassion. [This session is also available online.] 

Why with me?

Good question. Find the answer yourself. Get to know me. Get a feel if we might be a good fit for each other. That's important. Because if you don't feel comfortable it won't work. So check me out and be sure I'm right for you. 

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