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Welcome to LiveLoveShine

Private Practice for Individual and Couples Counseling, Trauma Therapy & TRE Trauma Release

Aneesha is the founder of LiveLoveShine Couples Therapy & Psychological Counseling in Bergisch Gladbach. She supports people primarily in the context of RLT couples therapy (Relational Life Therapy) according to Terry Real, in individual therapy based on Somatic Experiencing, and holistic counseling based the psychotherapeutic technique called Focusing as well as client-centered therapy according to Carl Rogers. She also offers spiritual coaching based on the Lataif and essence work according to AH: Almaas. She also offers coaching for individuals with issues in their love relationship or lack thereof.

More about Aneesha

 truth seeker, soul connector & nature freak

Hello & welcome! 

My name is Aneesha Christina Mueller, and my hearts desire is to help improve the mental and emotional health of humanity and support their spiritual evolution. My hearts desire is to promote and strengthen love, aliveness, joy and peace in the world by starting in our living rooms and bedrooms. We are powerless against war in the world. But for me it is clear: peace must start deep within ourselves and in our living rooms!

That is the reason why I offer couples therapy and relationship coaching for individuals in the first place. Trauma healing, breath therapy, Somatic Experiencing in the context of psychosomatic therapy and inner child work is a means to an end. Conflict resolution in relationships, for example, so that peace, connection and harmony can (re)return, often requires the resolution of old childhood traumas.


Let's be honest: How much happier would you be if you could find a way with your loved ones - and with yourself - that was characterised by vitality, inner strength, joy and happiness, as well as love, harmony and connection with your loved ones, honesty, open communication, and mutual understanding and respect? I think we all deserve that. You too!


If this appeals to you, let's do the following: You only pay for the first session if you are fully satisfied. Call me today or click the button. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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“No Mud,
no Lotus.”


These Interviews are in German, unfortunately (Sorry)

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Natur Retreat
27. - 30. Juni

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My Areas of Expertise

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I help highly committed people to get deeply in touch with their soul, which allows them to reconnect to true power, courage, love, compassion, joy and more. This is the key to lasting happiness regardless of external circumstances.  


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Somatic Coaching

This work uses the core principles of Somatic Experiencing and shifts the center of your inner work from the mind to the body, enabling lasting, transformative change. This often helps to achieve the long-awaited breakthrough on your inner journey.

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Paartherapie nach Terry Real genannt Relational Life Therapy, Paarberatung die wirkt

Couples Therapy

We all deserve a great relationship! But very few of us experience that. I want to help you transform your relationship, using RLT developed by Terry Real and tested over many years. Loving but direct, without mincing words. I also offer relationship coaching for individuals.

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Meditation is an important part of overall mental health. Only if we develop and strengthen the observer in us, and thus the ability for self-reflection, we have a chance to permanently change our self-defeating patterns.


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Trauma is not the event, it simply is a dysregulation of the nervous system. Painful childhood experiences are often the cause of a dysregulated nervous system. In order to create lasting changes we need to work on the root cause of the problem: The disregulated nervous system.

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Nature Retreats

Nature as a source of clarity, peace and quiet, along with our retreats, intend to help you to return to an inner silence, enough to recognize your own truth, (re)discover your own inner guidance and thus enable you to live your life according to your own rules.

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If you want to know more, read my take on why I founded LiveLoveShine in the KRD here.

A Happy Relationship is no Coincidence

Great that you found me. Let's find out together if we 'fit together'. 


My main concern is to support you on your way to living your full potential in your relationships with others and with yourself, so that you can find happiness and fulfilment in your life.


I believe that we all deserve a great relationship! Let's make your life and your relationship(s) great together!

Why seek professional help? Almost all of us, including myself, think: "I can do it on my own". But what we often forget is that we all have a blind spot or two and tend to get stuck in our comfort zones without realizing it because we have mastered the art of self-deception down to the last detail.

As a relationship expert, I would like to help, above all, those people who have developed an insecure attachment structure in their childhood. This can lead to on-off relationships, toxic relationships and constant conflicts, loneliness despite a relationship, feeling restricted by others, as well as (often unconscious) fear of commitment or fear of loss. Of course, these couples also have all the other typical relationship problems that everyone knows. The difference is that insecurely attached partners often get caught in a vicious circle, in which they cannot resolve conflicts, cannot shake off fears or jealousy, and rarely or not at all experience reconciliation. I help these people to gradually get out of this vicious circle, to heal the resulting injuries and to develop a secure bond with their partner and family in the long term.

This not only helps these people to strengthen their self-esteem, to stand on their own two feet and to feel and enjoy their autonomy, but also to build a deeper connection, closeness and love to their partner. This is the basis for more harmony, mutual respect, open communication, deep trust, shared joy, as well as physical tenderness and good sex. This is what a relationship looks like with a secure attachment to the partner: freedom and love co-exist. 

"I love and accept you and your path and you love and accept me and my path." Don't we all want to be able to say that? I guess so. But this requires good self-esteem, trust, clear boundaries, openness and a connection to ourselves, to the authentic, true part of us. This gives us the capacity for deep connection, closeness and real contact with each other. 


Ultimately, it is the secure attachment to the partner that is important. It's a biological necessity. When we feel secure in the partnership, we are relaxed. Then we don't have to worry. Then we know that we can rely on the other, that he will come back to us, that he will not let us down, that he loves and respects us. Even if we argue. Even if we have differences. These are the hallmarks of a secure attachment. For a harmonious, happy relationship, you simply need a secure basis that also survives injuries. That's what this is about. (Re)establishing this secure basis for the partnership.

I offer both Couples Counseling  after Terry Real, known as Relational Life Therapy (RLT) as well relationship coaching  as individual sessions. My work is also suitable for people without a relationship if you are dissatisfied with your single life.


I support you personally in Bergisch Gladbach or remotely via Zoom.


And here's my suggestion: You only pay full price for the first session if you're really satisfied. If not, you pay nothing. So you have nothing to lose. Make an appointment now by clicking the button below. 

junge Familie


The road to mental & emotional health doesn't have to be difficult. Start your journey today!

"Aneesha helped me a lot to get in touch with my myself, I mean my innermost Being and my (self)love. Even via Zoom, the work was very effective and had a lasting effect on me. Aneesha works with great sensitivity, she is present no matter what, and at the same time she draws from an incredibly comprehensive, broad and at the same time deep body of knowledge. I'm glad I found Aneesha. Working with her has made a huge difference for me."

- Maria S.

“I came to Aneesha because I had anger issues. Over a few months, a completely different problem emerged, which turned out to be the cause of my aggression. Once the cause was clear, we were able to work on the root of the problem. I am very grateful for that, because treating symptoms is not my thing. We tackled the problem at the source and fixed it. Just great! My closest relationships have gotten much, much better. "

- Dirk B.

"I hadn't thought sessions via Zoom could be so effective. Aneesha helped me greatly to recognize my conditioning, including my unconscious superego attacks. Thereby, she heldped me gain more and more inner strength, enabling me to have a choice as to how to respond rather than being stuck in my old familiar tracks. Aneesha is very perceptive and intuitive. She is unique in mirroring back to me what I would never have recognized on my own.”

- Frank S

Aneesha's offer

Aneesha helps people, both couples and individuals, to shift from arguments, conflict, frustration, fear, anger, anger, bitterness or loneliness to more joy, love, connection and harmony in their relationship with their loved ones and with themselves.


For decades she developed and specialised her expertise. She gained her wisdom primarily through her own inner experience and by following her own path of healing and transformation. Due to her profound knowledge of human nature and her ability to be empathic and attuned to her clients, she knows very well how to pick up her clients from where they are and to accompany them lovingly, empathetically and with an alert mind on their path, so that they not only achieve their goals, but, more importantly, they can make sure that they integrate the changes in a sustainable way into their daily lives.  

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Center for Mental Health and Wellbeing

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