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Warum mit mir
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“Sustaining relationships with others requires a good relationship to ourselves. Healthy self-esteem is an internal sense of worth that pulls one neither into 'better than' grandiosity nor 'less than' shame."  



Why Work With Me

Good question. You may want to get to know first and see for yourself if it fits. And it may, because I have experienced and transformed many of the relationship problems and dramas in my own live. So if you feel lost, you are plagued by fears and worries, you are exposed to frequent conflicts within your partnership or family, you feel lonely in your relationship, your needs are not or inadequately being met, or if you are just frustrated with your relationship (or the lack of it), you've come to the right place. When you're fed up with how things are going in your relationship (or your single life), or when you're feeling stuck, read on. Why?  

Because I know too well what that's like. I know how that feels. Not good!

We all have a blind spot or two and tend to get stuck in our comfort zone without realising it. But if you've managed to read this far, I assume you really want to change something. I respect your courage to consider seeking help.  You may have found someone that can gently mirror your blind spots back to you and lovingly alert you to the transparent signals of self-deception with a great deal of empathy. You may have found an experienced coach who has already walked a large part of her own healing path. Someone who knows the pain is naturally empathic with your sorrow and pain. More importantly, she'll clearly reflect your hidden essential qualities, your essence, such as love, trust, strength and courage and thereby help you to recognise and embody these qualities within yourself. Lost, subtle qualities within you that just need to be uncovered and reconnected. The right support can provide all of that and more.

Does something resonate in you? Then let's sit together and find out if and how I can support you.   

A word of warning, however: My work is about transformation, not about applying a band-aid. It's also not a quick pill. Instead, my work may require going through pain and discomfort. And that takes commitment and courage. Are you ready for that? Then take charge of your life and call me now!

We would like to point out that for the duration of the business relationship (initiation, conclusion, delivery, invoicing, payment) including a possible warranty period, you have a temporary affiliation with the common welfare state Kingdom of Germany (KRD). You use the constitution, the laws and the jurisdiction of the KRD, which you have to choose first in legal disputes. There are no further rights, obligations or costs

More about RLT

RLT stands for Relational Life Therapy, developed by Terry Real. RLT considers both the problem areas of your relationship behaviour and problems in connection with the family of origin. Both is needed for lasting change.

For whom is RLT

RLT is for you if you really want to get to the bottom of your problems and then work on implementing change, carried by the spirit of your hearts desires rather than just talking about your problems. 

Relationship coaching for individuals

Relationship is one of the most beautiful and yet one of the most difficult things in life. We manage it somehow, but very few can MASTER it. Wouldn't it be nice if it was  easier? 

Inner Man Inner Woman

In this session, we work with anima and animus. Every woman has an inner man (animus), and every man has an inner woman (anima). Working with those parts within we can solve many relationship problems.

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