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The logo and my mission


LiveLoveShine's logo features the rune Wunjo, with the Viking lucky charm Aegishjalmur in the background.


The rune Wunjo symbolizes peace, joy, comfort, harmony and partnership. It prevents alienation both in a love relationship and in a friendship. In addition, it should help to live in peace with oneself and to find balance. This rune supports my mission to contribute to peace in this world, because peace is born within each individual. And war can arise in the smallest community. Between two people in marriage and partnership, for example. Strictly speaking, it even works without a counterpart. For example my inner child versus my inner critic. Wunjo should help to make this feud conscious and to transform it so that we can rediscover the true inner peace that we may have lost as children.

Aegishjalmur is, in my understanding, not only a protection against physical attacks, but also a spiritual protection. After all, the ultimate goal of every warrior is to conquer their fear and be in their power. That takes courage. So many, including myself, see the Viking Aegishjalmur as a source of courage to overcome any difficulties that may arise in life.


Aegishjalmur and Wunjo should stand by you, dear soul, who desires transformation and healing, and support you powerfully in your process. Because if you want to experience and share real inner peace and deep, true love, sooner or later you have to go through the dark night of the soul. And that really takes a good deal of courage. But the sunrise after this dark night discourages you a thousandfold, because it is brighter and more radiant than ever before. The true core in you, your soul, longs for this sunrise. Only the part of us we call ego fears it. Because this transformation process is tantamount to (ego) death. The inner struggle is not easy, but Aegishjalmur gives you protection and courage on this path of becoming whole! And if you want to live your life to the fullest and most beautiful, come with me. Aegishjalmur, Wunjo and I will take you by the hand!

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