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Essence work - the (re)connection with your inner being

Spiritual counseling, based on essence work according to AH Almaas, is a unique symbiosis between Western Humanistic Psychology, developmental and depth psychology as well as Sufism and methods derived from it, which have their origins in the Middle East. The work is based on the understanding that we "need to bring psychological and spiritual work together. Only then is true transformation possible. This synthesis is necessary for deep and lasting growth."(Turiya Hanover & Rafia Morgan)

This work builds on the school of AH Almaas . Almaas thus provides us with a map of the human psyche that shows us the way to self-realization. A path that allows us to reconnect with our essential qualities such as essential will, trust, confidence, courage, strength, aliveness, power, stillness, peace, love, compassion and joy. The Sufis call these basic essential qualities the Lataif .

The term Psychology of Awakening was coined by my teachers Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover because this work is about going beyond the ego mind and getting back in touch with our essence, that is, with our innermost being. Our ego structure is not who we really are. As a child, this ego or personality structure served us to align our lives with our parents' expectations, so that we felt loved and therefore safe. We had to find a way to feel loved and avoid disapproval and rejection in order to survive. This was of paramount importance to our survival. But in most cases, the personality structure we developed as children has not only become superfluous, but often it has become a hindrance and a burdon on our lives, now that we are adults. And yet most of us live our lives like this without realizing it. 

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Osho, a contemporary Indian mystic, explains why this approach is so important today:


“In these twenty-five centuries man has been so polluted, too many wild weeds have grown in his being, and I use therapy to clear the soil, removing the weeds, so that the difference between the 'original man' and the 'new man' disappears. The 'new man' must be made as innocent as the 'original man', as simple, as natural. He's lost all those great qualities. The therapist has to help him, but his work is only a preparation. It's not the end. The end will be the meditation. “



Inner Diamond
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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."



This form of individual session deals with the dynamics described above. It is possible to work selectively on a specific aspect of essence, such as relaxed confidence and the essential will, or courage and the ability to set boundaries and stand up for yourself.


This form of one-to-one session can also be understood as an inner journey and it is helpful to commit to a series of ongoing sessions that include both inner work as each aspect of essence has corresponding issues from childhood that we need to deal with, as well as supporting the cognitive understanding and embedding it in the context of the Lataif


My work is based on Carl Rogers' person-centered therapy, a form of empathic therapy, and on the principles of Somatic Experiencing. This form of counseling is extremely effective and at the same time very simple. As a 'by-product', this work also supports the resolution of dysfunctional behaviors that often manifest through relationship, work, money and/or health issues, as well as various forms of addiction. In doing so, I combine various techniques that I have acquired through my academic training, but also through my many years of professional experience, and which I have refined over many years in my work with people.

This session works online as well as in person. And here's my offer to you: You only pay for your first session if you are truly satisfied. You have nothing to loose. Click the button now and book a time that suits you. 

Find Your Inner Diamond - Individual Session

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The superego

The superego, also called the inner critic, is the part of our psyche that reflects the internalization of cultural rules, especially those of our parents, and often severely limits us.

theory of holes

A hole refers to something that has been lost. In this context, Almaas means the loss of an essential quality, e.g. love, strength, courage, trust, inner strength, dignity, inner peace etc.

The Lataif

The Lataif, (singular "Latifa", plural "Lataif") is the Sufi name for the essential qualities such as essential will, relaxed confidence, strength, vitality, stillness, inner peace & compassion. 

how  functions  This work?

Any problem, projection, blockage, experience of emptiness, fear, tension, or emotional confusion can be a doorway to our inner being, our soul.

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