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Farbige Wand

Individual Sessions

Are you sick of...

  • Feeling stuck

  • Failed relationships

  • Half-finished projects

  • Doing a job you don't love

  • Saying yes if you mean no

  • Going around in circles

  • Procrastinating

  • Or never going for it at all?


If that's you, you are in the right place!

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What do you really want?

Much suffering comes from our identification with the ego-consciousness, our mind. This type of counselling enables us to recognise our thinking mind and ego-structure and allows us to detach from the identification with it. This alone can alleviate suffering and strengthen your wellbeing. Over time, this work can help you become more relaxed, lighthearted, joyful and free, while anchoring you more deeply in your inner strength, clarity, courage, trust and confidence. This work is a unique symbiosis between Western humanistic psychology and approaches to spiritual awakening with origins in various Eastern traditions. The basis is the Lataif system, a subtle energy system created by the Sufis. It serves as a way to understand our essential nature and restore lost essential states such as relaxation, trust, confidence, self-esteem, inner strength, courage, love, compassion, peace, inner calm and peaceful power, as well as joy and bliss.  If you too want to free yourself from the ego prison and from the clutches of your superego (inner critic), click the button now to book an appointment. And you know what? I'm happy to offer that you only pay for the first session if you are truly satisfied. Well, what are you waiting for? There is nothing to lose. Click the button now. 

Are you longing for...

  • Freedom from whatever prevents you from successfully tackling those obstacles and challenges on the path to greatness?

  • Freedom to follow your own path, your own inner guidance, towards  living your full potential and thus find fulfilment in life?

  • Freedom from that voice in your head that lets you freeze and stops you every time you expand your energy and follow your truth?

  • Freedom from your childhood conditioning that keeps you small and makes you unconsciously act like a little child, wanting mum's and dad's love and needing to avoid their disapproval?

  • Freedom to move from mediocracy to greatness?

Then don't wait, click the button below now. You only pay for your first session if you are fully satisfied. 

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About Aneesha

Since 1999,  Aneesha has been practicing mindfulness and meditation and for almost two decades, she's been dedicated to her own inner healing and transformation journey through therapy, trauma healing, meditation and self-enquiry. She's spent nearly a full decade studying and training as a therapist. Out of a deep feeling of love for humanity she has been working with people in different settings since 2004.

Aneesha says about her own inner journey: "Throughout my whole life, I had struggled in so many ways; I had worked very hard to improve myself for decades. But I found myself still stuck in stubborn patterns years later. But thankfully in 2013, I discovered Essence Work and the "Trauma Connection." I began to understand that unconscious childhood trauma was to blame for my plight as well as the disconnection from my very essence when I was a child. The same year, I started learning about the concept of superego, the (mostly unconscious) internalized voice of our parents and other caregivers during childhood. Those elements together had been responsible for what had been holding me back all those years. That's when the real healing, the real transformation began! And I have never looked back! From my own experience I know so well what it feels like when some invisible force is holding you back, no matter how much you might want to break free and move forward.


If that's what you're looking for, here's my suggestion: You only pay for the first session if you are fully satisfied. If not, you don't pay a cent. Click the button now to book a session. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

What Others Say

"Aneesha helped me a lot to get in touch with my innermost Being and my (self)love. Even via Zoom, the work was very effective and had a lasting effect on me. Aneesha works with great sensitivity, she is present no matter what, and at the same time she draws from an incredibly comprehensive, broad and at the same time deep body of knowledge. I'm glad I found Aneesha. Working with her has made a huge difference for me."

- Maria S.

“I came to Aneesha because I had anger issues. Over a few months, a completely different problem emerged, which turned out to be the cause of my aggression. Once the cause was clear, we were able to work on the root of the problem. I am very grateful for that, because treating symptoms is not my thing. We tackled the problem at the source and fixed it. Just great! My closest relationships have gotten much, much better. "

- Dirk B.

"I hadn't thought sessions via Zoom could be so effective. Aneesha helped me greatly recognize my conditioning, including my unconscious superego attacks. Thereby, she heldped me gain more and more inner strength, enabling me to have a choice as to how to respond rather than being stuck in my old familiar tracks. Aneesha is very perceptive and intuitive. She is unique in mirroring back to me what I would never have recognized on my own.”

- Frank S

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Live Your Full Potential NOW

I know so well what it feels like to be stuck. Free yourself and become as big, shiny and powerful as you ARE!

If you are serious about living your full potential, and if you are sick of being held back by invisible forces, click the button now.

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