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Global OSHO Meditation Day

The online meditation day is perfect for your Inner Reset with lots of movement inside and out: with OSHO Active Meditations. On the first Sunday of every month there is a full day of OSHO Meditations, rotated through different timezones. So, wherever you are, you can join for at least part of the day. Check out the details below and decide when is best for you.

Global OSHO Meditation Day - LIVE Online 

Every month on the first Sunday of the month

[Der OSHO Meditationstag wird nur in Englisch angeboten]

Please note: The Global OSHO Meditation Day is hosted on by the OSHO Online International Team and will always be a co-production of many facilitators. It is offered once a month, always on the first Sunday of the month.


The OSHO Meditation Day is an opportunity to choose any or all of the techniques from the full range of revolutionary OSHO Meditation techniques especially created for contemporary humanity.

Each meditation will be preceded by an introduction to the technique by a certified and experienced facilitator. You will also learn ways to allow meditation to become an easy part of your daily life. This day is a unique opportunity to meditate and celebrate with friends from around the world. You are welcome to organize a space where a group of friends or family can participate with you.


  • Various OSHO Meditations

  • What Meditation really means

  • The art of remaining relaxed and aware while meditating, and in life

  • How to be total and playful, while meditating, and in life

  • To let go of doing and enjoy the effortless joy of being

  • The art of non-judgmental watching and witnessing


  • OSHO Dynamic Meditation – Breaking through limiting patterns of the body-mind

  • OSHO Vipassana Meditation – Practicing awareness, watchfulness, mindfulness, witnessing joyfully

  • OSHO Laughter Meditation – Enjoy the small things of life – childlike – liquid – mirrorlike

  • OSHO Gibberish Meditation – Clean your mind with gibberish and experience a silent relaxation

  • OSHO Chakra Sounds Meditation – Vocalizing, in tune with the seven chakras, followed by witnessing, leads to balance and harmonization.

  • OSHO: Book of Secrets, Meditation – Short meditation techniques from the Book of Secrets

  • OSHO Kundalini Meditation – Melt the rock like being, and allow your natural energy to flow

  • OSHO Meditations for Everyday Life – Short meditation techniques for everyday life

  • OSHO Laughing Drums Celebration – When you feel the drum beating your body responds and you become a natural being

  • OSHO Golden Light Meditation – A simple method of transforming your energy and leading it upward

  • OSHO Nataraj Meditation – Nataraj is the energy of dance. This is dance as a meditation

  • OSHO Prayer Meditation – Merge, melt and let-go on the deepest level possible


  • OSHO Evening Meeting – The art of listening. Experience silence without effort

  • OSHO Dance Celebration with Celebrating Sannyas – Celebrating the new you




Do you find it difficult to meditate? Do you end up getting into a fight with an army of thoughts tramping through your head? Do you get more and more stuck in trying to “do meditation”?

Meditation cannot be done, it is a space of utter relaxation, when all doing has ceased. The OSHO Active Meditations avoid the problem of battling with the mind by withdrawing energy from the mind in various playful ways – making it easier to relax and fall into the space of meditation.


“Meditation is nothing that you do. Meditation is something that you fall into, just like love. Meditation is something in which you can be, but you cannot do it, doing ceases.”  Osho


This full day spent exploring a range of meditations, with friends and experienced meditators, will deepen your understanding and empower you on your journey to being a self-sufficient meditator.


This approach to meditation – to drop outcomes and self-criticism – brings great joy and well-being allowing you to connect with who you truly are.

[Note: By clicking the button you will be taken to, where the OSHO meditation day is hosted.]

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Image by Oleg Guijinsky

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OSHO Stress & Tension Release

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