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Strengthening Your Resilience with TRE

I am immensely happy that I am able offer TRE in English and German, in person and online, because, in my eyes, TRE is an incomparably powerful self-help tool, which can not only free us from chronic tension and trauma, but so much more. It can help you improve your sleep, digestion, hormone health, metabolic health, even your emotional health, but above all, it strengthens your resilience.

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Ein kraftvolles Selbsthilfe-Werkzeug

Read more about TRE on this page. In this context, it is also very enlightening to read about the ACE study, which clearly shows that negative experiences in childhood also have a negative impact on us in adulthood. If this appeals to you, you should also read the article on trauma. It will open your eyes and shed a different light and what you may have heard before. Enjoy!

Find out more about your symptoms and how everything is connected...

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Childhood Trauma

The ACE study (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) shows how stressful childhood experiences influence the behaviour and health of those affected, and how it still affects them all the was into their adult lives.

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Chronic Stress

Chronic stress and related recurring tension, frequent conflicts and latent discord in your relationship, just to name a few, are often a result of an over-regulated nervous system.

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Learn TRE

We live a lifestyle that is very demanding on us and our nervous system does not always respond effectively to stress. In a course or session you learn revolutionary new way of releasing stress and tension, while strengthening your resilience.

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