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Take your mask of, become real

Many of us are familiar with the temptation to put on a mask and hide our true selves. The world we live in supports us in this and even demands it. And we go along with it to make the people around us believe that we have everything under control, even if we sometimes break down inside. And yet it is a basic human need to be authentic and feel connected to others at the same time. Quite a dilemma...


The path back to your Being

So many of us feel compelled to hide behind a façade - a habit based on the need for security. As children, some of us learnt that it was safer to hide our true feelings and contort ourselves to please others. We believed that rejection awaited our authentic selves. And good girls and boys tend to find ways to behave the way their parents (and other authority figures) want them to behave, usually at the expense of our own authenticity. But true joy only comes when we stop filtering everything through "What will they think?". 

Two of our essential needs are the need for connection, which conflicts heavily with the need for authenticity. What a pickle!


The things that slow you down, restrict you, hold you captive and frustrate you are your inherited imprints. They pull the strings without you realising it. In the background, they influence your physical and mental health, your self-image, your self-esteem, your relationships and your financial success. Your childhood conditioning can leave you emotionally crippled, feeling unfree and may even have locked your heart in a dark room. 


Do you recognise who you are beyond this conditioning? Do you feel free, full of vigour and unencumbered? Or do you only know yourself as a conditioned person? Do you only listen to your head, do you follow your mind?


It is important to ask yourself these questions.


Every conflict, every dissonance, every disagreement happens because we react from our ego-mind.


We can overcome this if we step out of our conditioning and come back to our heart, our soul, our being, our centre. 


We have to make a decision. Do we stay in our ego existence? Or are we ready for this transformation? 


I think we live in a time when it has become both important and easier to overcome our ego existence and hear the call of our soul to recognise our truth and walk our heart's path.


Do you feel a resonance within you? Do you feel the desire for more inner freedom? Do you hear the call of your soul? Then click the button now. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

By using this offer, you agree to a temporary affiliation with the State Association of the Kingdom of Germany (KRD). This does not give rise to any further rights or obligations. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your interest in growth and transformation.   


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