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Workshops & Seminars

I have been working with people since 2004, both in individual sessions as well as in workshops and seminars. I love working with individuals, but doing seminars and working with groups of people has a very special appeal, both for me and for the participants. Like-minded people with similar concerns and problems create a very rich and nurturing field and this serves as a great inspiration and support on your own inner journey. 


What my groups are about

I have been leading groups since 2011 with a great passion. I just love working with people. My focus is on reconnecting with our core, our being. OSHO No Mind, OSHO Mystic Rose and OSHO Born Again are exactly about that, as is the Global OSHO Meditation Day (held online and in english). I also facilitate Nature retreats, in which I support and accompany the transformation work with the help of the medicine wheel. In all these seminars, my intention is to bring the participants into their own power so that they can follow their own truth and move forward in life with passion and a deep sense of inner conviction. In this context, I also work with trauma the inner critic, because that is what holds us back and keeps making us small.


Another focus and a matter close to my heart is the strengthening people's resilience around the globe. In this day and age I believe that we all need to have a well regulated nervous system, a strong resilience and a good grounding. All of it helps us deal with challenges and crises without becoming mentally or physically ill. A strong resilience enables us to react creatively and flexibly in adverse circumstances and problem situations, instead of feeling helpless and overwhelmed.


Almost a decade ago, I studied a great technique that I have found to be the most important contribution to building resilience. I am very happy that I am now able to offer this method, called TRE - Trauma Releasing Exercises, live and online, in German and English. In my opinion, TRE is an incomparably powerful self-help tool, which can not only free us from chronic tension and trauma, but also train and strengthen our resilience, improve our capacity to stay grounded and help us regulate our nervous systems.

Other Groups


OSHO No Mind

The animals are relaxed. The trees and the flowers are relaxed. In fact, everybody is relaxed except us! Why? Because we let the mind run our lives. A mind that is never switched off is like a car left with the engine running 24/7. Learn to move easily from the turmoil of the mind to the peace of no-mind. That's what the OSHO Meditative Therapies help you do.

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OSHO Chronic Stress Release

The course "OSHO Release Chronic Stress & Tension", (2 x 3 hrs on a weekend) held online and in English, is an invitation to bring total transformation to your life. We live a lifestyle that is very demanding on us and our nervous system does not always respond effectively to stress. Here you learn revolutionary new way of releasing stress and tension.

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OSHO Meditation Day

The Global OSHO Meditation Day, held online and in english, with participants around the globe, is an invitation to bring total transformation to your life, a path to freedom – a way of slipping out of the prison of identity and living the adventure of your unique spontaneous being. Meditation means to say Yes to who we really are.

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