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OSHO Release Chronic Stress & Tension 

The human body is genetically designed to survive and evolve through the experience of stressful events; the parasympathetic nervous system has an innate reflex capacity to activate a relaxation response and restore balance to the bodymind.

LIVE Online Course – Weekend, 3-hours a day

[Dieser Kurs wird nur in Englisch angeboten]

Please note: This course is hosted on by the OSHO Online International Team. By clicking the button below you'll be taken to the booking page. 

Are you stuck in fight or flight mode?

We live a lifestyle that is very different from the one that shaped our evolution, and our nervous system does not always have the chance to respond effectively to stress. This can occur when we repress our fight or flight instinct in the interests of maintaining an outwardly calm appearance, or in situations when we are disempowered and overwhelmed. Repression becomes embedded in the nerves and musculature as chronic stress. In other words, without realizing it, we remain constantly on high alert. This chronic stress undermines our health and wellbeing and our ability to operate effectively in the world.


Can I consciously restore balance to my nervous system? The answer is Yes

We will practice certain revolutionary techniques that activate the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system and trigger your body’s innate ability to rebalance itself. You will gain the confidence to use the techniques on your own, whenever the need arises.

“First the body has to become utterly relaxed, like a small child, then only start with the mind. Move scientifically: first the simplest, then the complex, then the more complex. And then only can you relax at the ultimate core.”  Osho


Release chronic stress and tension simply and easily. Experience the miraculous powers of relaxation.
Insecurity, unexplainable fatigue, anxiety, chronic stress, restlessness, and irritability are symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system. The Release Chronic Stress and Tension techniques can help you to overcome such patterns, to feel free and more alive.


You will learn the following skills to help you transform your life:

  • Simple stress busting techniques that will bring immediate results

  • Ways to release tension that will work even in acute situations

  • Ways to integrate these techniques into your daily routine easily and effectively



OSHO Release Chronic Stress and Tension consists of the following:

  • A LIVE online weekend course. Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 3 hours a day

  • A hand-out with a summary of the exercises and an outline of the underlying science

  • Directions regarding OSHO Meditations that may help you at this stage of your journey

Please note: This course is hosted on by the OSHO Online International Team. By clicking the button below you'll be taken to the booking page. 

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OSHO Meditation Day

This OSHO Meditation Day, held online and in english, is an invitation to bring total transformation to your life, a path to freedom – a way of slipping out of the prison of identity and living the adventure of your unique spontaneous being. Meditation means to say Yes to who we really are.


Image by Oleg Guijinsky

Living Joyfully

What if we could feel free to flow and follow our energy? What if we could always be true to ourselves and move forward with what is dear to us? I reckon we'd never be sick and we'd have healthy, loving, and lasting relationships, right? But we don't. So, why don't we live joyfully ever after? What is it that holds us back?



OSHO No Mind

The animals are relaxed. The trees and the flowers are relaxed. In fact, everybody is relaxed except us! Why? Because we let the mind run our lives. A mind that is never switched off. Learn to move easily from the turmoil of the mind to the peace of no-mind. That's what the OSHO Meditative Therapies help you do.

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