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The Outdoor Retreat

The nature in you

June 19-22, 2022

Nature is my goddess, my temple. The place where I can reduce stress, gain distance, and (re)discover my purpose in life. Do you feel the same? Or not yet, but you would like to gain access to it? It is so much easier to calm down in nature than embedded in the mental field of society.

Many years ago I realized that inner peace is the first step to world peace. And not just "can". I think the inner peace of everyone is the prerequisite for world peace. That's where my mission grew from. It's the basis of all my work. Achieving true inner peace.  


This almost automatically resulted in me starting in 2019 to offer nature retreats as well as day events such as forest bathing, ritual days & nature coaching. Learning to meditate and finding yourself again are important elements. This gradually developed into the current format of the annual retreat "The Nature in You", which has not only become a great source of calm through the power of ritual work in the context of the medicine wheel, but also promotes deep inner transformation, as well as active burnout prevention and effective stress management is - and one of the ways to your inner peace.  

Our offer and of course nature as a source of strength should help you to calm down enough to (re)recognize your own truth. It is designed to help you live your life by your own rules. Supporting you when you let yourself be controlled too much by others and value the opinions of others too much. Teach you to be true to yourself and follow your own truth. Helping you to BE fully yourself, autonomous and self-determined - AND at the same time in connection and love with others. We want to help you find your way back to who you really are. To your core, your being. Simply to BE.  

That's exactly why I still do this work (besides all the other many things). It's not just about "hanging out" in nature. It's about much more! Gain clarity, strengthen your self-esteem and rediscover your inner guidance that lives within you so that you can go full steam ahead on your own path. Your own way with a healthy portion of self-determination and yet in love and connectedness with your loved ones. That's what this is about.


Our seminars and events should help you to make the bridge from the outside to the inside, the divine in you, passable. This is about your personal transformation, not putting band-aids on.  

Indeed, nature is the temple where you can develop enough detachment from your conditioning. Then you are free. Conditioning is what affects us and keeps us 'trapped'. But it's not who you really are. Many are content to simply 'function' normally in their role. If you are happy with that, then you are in the wrong place. My mission is to "wake up" anyone who wants more. are you ready to wake up​ then


Then I look forward to seeing you at our next retreat from June 19 - 22, 2022 in the Bergisches Land near Cologne! To learn more about it, click the button or please send me a private message via text, whatsapp or signal.  

Until then, love


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