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A personal word about meditation

It's no longer a secret now; Meditation is "in". But there are many types of meditation. And beyond that, the term meditation is understood and interpreted differently.


For me, meditation is simply being. Be here, now, with my full attention. Connected to my body, perceiving what is. No matter what. For me, meditation simply means being present in this moment. Be present with what is. It doesn't matter whether you are angry, happy, sad or bursting with anger. For me, meditation means observing what is without being identified with it.


A very helpful thing in this time we live in. Just be, without judging, without judging and without reacting to what you are confronted with. An art, even for me sometimes.


Maybe you already have some experience, maybe not. Maybe you've tried silent meditation a few times and then let it go? I was like that for a long time too. Thank God I found the OSHO Active Meditations in 2008. And that's exactly what I want to bring to you here.  

Why Active Meditation? My understanding is this: the head is not still as long as a storm is raging in the subconscious. And the OSHO Active Meditations have the ability to bring our subconscious to the surface and so it can become conscious and thus be redeemed. Then there is space inside. And this room, which we experience after enough "throwing out the garbage" as a meditation.  

Osho, an Indian mystic, the "inventor" of the OSHO Active Meditations, believes that meditation is the natural state of man. Only "man has been so burdened with garbage, too many wild weeds have grown in his being, and I use [Active Meditation] to clear the ground, rooting out the wild weeds, so that the difference between the 'original Man' and the 'new man' is destroyed. The 'new man' must be made as innocent as the 'original man', so simple, so natural. He has lost all those great qualities."

I had tried to sit in silence for many years. I even managed to attend a 10-days-silent retreat twice.

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I clearly felt the effect each time, but it didn't last. The unwelcome patterns remained, just like the feeling of being locked up, inwardly unfree and "capped". So, wasted labor? Yes and no. But the breakthrough did not really come until I discovered the OSHO Active Meditations in 2008. They finally gave me the free pass to step out of my conditioning bit by bit. This was the freedom I was looking for (without knowing it). And the inner stillness was at some point the natural result of my mental, emotional "emptying". The OSHO Active Meditation as well as the OSHO Meditative Therapies all have the power to free us from our conditioning, by throwing the unconscious garbage "overboard".  

The deep silence that I am now able to feel and hold, that carries me through my everyday life and keeps me grounded, IS the result of the OSHO Active Meditations. And I wish you the same. Once "emptied" it is easy to sit in stillness. Very easy. That doesn't mean I'm enlightened. No, I still practice the OSHO Active Meditations regularly, because I also "collect" new "garbage" every day. But I have this tool and I love it because it always helps me to cleanse myself, clear my boat, and then enjoy the clear, clean stillness that comes naturally.

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Every month there is the opportunity to try out the full range of OSHO Active Meditations; at the Global OSHO Meditation Day always on the first Sunday of the month. From early in the morning to late in the evening. No matter where you are.  


This Meditation Day is actually happening around the globe. From Asia to America. It usually lasts 16 hours, so that every time zone gets its money's worth.


Curious? Click the button. Then you will get to the platform. There you can find out more or book the free button for the next Meditation Day to try it out. Of course you can also book the next Meditation Day immediately. I don't get any money for it, it goes directly to the Foundation and I think it's in good hands there. Just one thing: the instructions are given in English.


Sometimes I also lead a meditation or two. So...

maybe see you there next month ;-)

Don't think, just do it...

Image by m wrona

“In the West, since Marcus Aurelius, meditation has been in a mess. His was the first book written in the West about meditation. But not knowing what meditation can be, he defines it as a deeper concentration and a deeper contemplation. Both definitions are unjustified."

“In the East we have another word, dhyan. It does not mean concentration, it does not mean contemplation, it does not mean meditation even. It means a state of no-mind."

(Osho,  Om Mani Padme Hum - The Sound of Silence: The Diamond in the Lotus, Talk #4)

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