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Why is LiveLoveShine based in the Kingdom of Germany?

If you are wondering why LiveLoveShine operates within the legal framework of the KRD (Königreiche Deutschland, translated, Kingdom of Germany), continue reading to learn more.

In my eyes, it is high time something changed in a big way, because the world we live in today poses numerous serious problems. From the issues caused by social distancing and lockdowns, failed existences, depressed or aggressive students,, to the countless number of people who are not (or are no longer) satisfied with their work, as well as those suffering from depression, those that are no longer able to work because of burnout, those that are unhappy with their lives or are close to taking their own lives.

I don't want this to go on indefinetly! I want change. I want to proactively work on building a system that supports positive changes.

Our personal health suffers greatly under the steadily increasing influence of large corporations that pollute our waters, contaminate our fields with glyphosate, spoil our soil and leave our food without minerals and vitamins. Moreover, Mother Earth herself suffers deeply. But those large corporations are not interested at all and continue to focus only on making more and more money. So, a new vision, and a new legal framework is needed for a healthy, lobby-free, happy future. We need a legal framework that values and protects us humans, including our physical, mental and emotional health and integrity.

I've been dreaming of a new world for quite some time. And I've been asking myself, how - on earth - can we possibly achieve all this? My wish became stronger and stronger and eventually, in February 2022, it led me to discover the KRD. I immediately got it. This IS what I had been looking for. What I had been dreaming about already exists! Wow!

The KRD is free of lobbyist structures, and it is strictly oriented towards the common good of mankind. The basic idea is to build structures that enable every human being to enjoy the highest level of happiness, freedom, health, education and personal development.


The KRD legal framework does not oppose the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany),  but it offers something completely new that can exist and grow in harmony with the BRD. Everyone is free to decide for or against these structures. For me, it was an "absolute no-brainer" because I recognized at first glance that the KRD was the 1-to-1 answer to my deep desire for a new framework.

This explains why I founded LiveLoveShine within the legal framework of the KRD. For the duration of the interaction (initiation, conclusion, delivery, billing, payment) you have a temporary affiliation with the Kingdom of Germany (KRD). You thereby use the constitution, the laws and the jurisdiction of the KRD, which you have to choose first in case of legal disputes. There are no further rights, obligations or costs.

The sad thing is, when good idea, designed to create something new, pop up - they are often viewed with great skepticism, often misunderstood, denigrated or even fought against. That is why I am writing these lines. Unfortunately, the KRD is often associated with negative terms such as Reichsbürger, right-wing extremists or similar, but if you take a closer look, you will see that the opposite is the case. The best thing for you to do is to form your own opinion. Information about the KRD can be found on the website

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