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Break Free & Live Your Full Potential! NOW!

Apply for a FREE Clarity Consult to find out whether Aneesha can truly make a difference for you and your life, and whether she is able to actually be of service to you with your specific problem.

Are You Longing For...

  • Freedom from (unconscious) trauma, that prevents that we takle any challenges on the path to greatness?

  • Freedom to follow your energy, wherever it takes you?

  • Freedom from your Superego, considering that it can have an energetic impact to the point that it lets you freeze and thus holds you back, everytime you expand your energy and follow your truth?

  • Freedom from your childhood conditioning that keeps you small and makes you unconsciously act like little children wanting mum's and dad's love and needing to avoid their disapproval?

  • Freedom to move from mediocracy to greatness and to come back to who you really are?

   If that's you, you are in the right place!

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What Can You Do?

Apply for a free clarity consultation with Aneesha today. Together with her, you are going to find the very best path for You personally, so that you can achieve the very thing that you long for. Don't hesitate, spots are limited.

 Are you sick of...

  • Failed relationships

  • Half-finished projects

  • Doing a job you don't love

  • Saying yes if you mean no

  • Going around in circles

  • Procrastinating

  • Or never going for it at all?

 Then don't wait, click the button below now!

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About Aneesha

Since 1999,  Aneesha has been dedicated to her own inner healing and transformation journey through therapy, trauma healing, meditation and self-enquiry and she's spent nearly a full decade studying and training as a therapist. Out of a deep feeling of love for humanity she has been working with people in different settings since 2004. It is her mission to work towards global transformation, create awareness and contribute to an awakened civilization on this planet.

Aneesha says about her own inner journey: "Throughout my whole life, I had struggled in so many ways; I had worked so hard to improve myself, whether it was trying to fix the relationship with my parents, find the right man for a lasting relationship, heal digestive issues, or manage chronic stress. Some things improved. But I found myself still stuck in stubborn patterns years later. I had already worked hard in order to break free from my childhood condtioning. It had resolved certain issues to some extend. But I still felt like there was a glas ceiling after more than a decade of intense inner work. What made the big difference? Well, in 2013, I discovered the "Trauma Connection." I began to understand that unconscious childhood trauma was to blame for my plight. The same year, I started learning about the concept of superego, the (mostly unconscious) internalized voice of our parents and other caregivers during childhood. Both elements together had been responsible for what had been holding me back all those years. That's when the real healing, the real transformation began! And I have never looked back!

From my own experience I know so well what it feels like when some invisible force is holding you back, no matter how much you might want to break free and move forward.


Click below button now to take advantage of a free clarity consultation where you can find out whether I am right for you and whether I can truly make a difference for you! If so, you might qualify for our special offer (limited spots!). Click the button now!

What Others Say

"Aneesha hat mir sehr geholfen, mit meinem innersten Sein und meiner (Selbst)-Liebe in Kontakt zu kommen. Sogar über Zoom war die Arbeit sehr wirksam und ist nachhaltig. Aneesha arbeitet sehr einfühlsam, ist immer präsent, egal was ist, und gleichzeitig schöpft sie aus einem unglaublich umfassenden, breiten und gleichzeitig tiefen Wissensschatz. Ich bin froh, dass ich Aneesha gefunden habe. Die Arbeit mit ihr hat einen großen Unterschied für mich gemacht"

- Miriam S.

„Ich kam zu Aneesha, weil ich Aggressionsprobleme hatte. Über wenige Monate stellte sich ein ganz anderes Problem heraus, was die Ursache für meine Aggression war. Nachdem die Ursache klar war, konnten wir an der Wurzel des Problems arbeiten. Dafür bin ich sehr dankbar, denn Symptome behandeln ist nicht mein Ding. Wir haben das Problem an der Ursache angepackt und behoben. Einfach großartig! Meine engsten Beziehung sind viel viel besser geworden. “

- Derya B.

„Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass Sitzungen über Zoom so effektiv sein können. Aneesha hat mir so gut geholfen, meine Konditionierung inklusive meiner unbewussten Superego-Attacken zu erkennen und dadurch mehr und mehr in meine Kraft zu kommen, die Wahl zu haben und meinen eigenen Weg zu gehen, indem ich meiner inneren Führung folge. Aneesha ist sehr scharfsinnig und intuitiv, so dass sie einzigartig ist darin, mir das zu spiegeln, was ich alleine niemals erkannt hätte.“

- Felipe S.

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I know so well what it feels like to be stuck. Free yourself and become as big, shiny and powerful as you ARE!

If you are serious about living your full potential, and if you are sick of being held back by invisible forces, click the button now.

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